A Present from Slovenia / by John Winfield

Today I got something I had been looking to get for quite some time.  With vintage cameras comes the responsibility of managing exposure correctly; for the most part I have been semi estimating when it came to my exposures, I have an understanding of what is needed but not got it exactly perfect. The thing I needed therefore was a light meter to help me calculate measurements more accurately. I had been looking at professional ones and more basic ones but couldn’t justify spending so much on a professional Sekonic. I also didn’t really want to add too much bulk to my camera bag, so I went to search for a solution on the most helpful of places, The Internet.

I found a Kickstarter for a Slovenian group of photographers who seemed to have the same needs as mine. They had created a product called Lumu, which was a light meter that worked with your smart phone

The only problem that I had was that the Lumu’s Kickstarter had ended and so I had to sign up to their newsletter and wait until retail versions were available. Then last week an email popped in my inbox saying that not only was the Lumu available but I could also get a 1/3 off with a special bonus voucher; I jumped at the chance and ordered straight away, two days later (super quick) I am now the proud owner of a Lumu.

The Lumu comes very well packaged in a square metal box with a plastic insert centering the product itself. It comes with a leather pouch and a necklace so as to not lose the Lumu. It is very well built with an anodized aluminum finish that gives is visually appealing, especially when paired with an iPhone. I haven’t fully tested this yet but from what I have tried against my DSLR light meter it seems very accurate so should work great with my vintage cameras.  I will update you with some results soon