Pentax ME Super / by John Winfield

It's been quite a while since I actually wrote about a camera off of my shelf so here it goes. Oh and i also added a little video too. 

This camera was my first vintage camera and for that it will always be pretty cool to me. The Pentax ME Super is a SLR camera made at a time where becoming smaller and more compact was desirable to the consumer. People wanted the extra features and quality of a professional camera without having to deal with the added weight or complexity; much like how mirror-less cameras with large sensors are very popular right now. The ME Super is an aperture priority automatic camera capable of shooting at speeds up to 1/2000th of a second. The ME Super weighs just 440g (without lens) which is light for an all metaled body. 

The look of the Me Super is something that you would say is stereotypical of vintage cameras; the silver top and bottom coupled with the pentaprism sticking out from the top is almost Iconic. I love the look of this camera and I am not alone the Pentax ME Super Flickr group has over 21000 images.

I have the Pentax 50mm f1.7 and 28mm f2.8, which are very nice and sharp lenses. These lenses are all you really need with this camera, it’s the kind of camera you could easily take anywhere and is very well suited as a street shooter. Getting vintage camera’s can sometimes be a bit of a gamble; with my ME Super the light meter is gone and the shutter speed is maxed out at 1/125. This camera has helped teach me how to create a better photo because of its limitations. Shooting onto film makes you learn and think before you take a photo. Instead of just shooting over and over until you get it right; not knowing what you will get out at the end makes you try harder when taking the shot

The Pentax ME Super is a brilliant camera as an introduction to photography, it is a great tool for learning and I would recommend it to anyone thinking about a cheap vintage camera that looks cool and also takes great photos.