Photography Show 2014 / by John Winfield

Yesterday I went to Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham. As you can expect from a big show like this all the big names in photography were there; Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, Samsung and even Hasselblad were there, all showing off their latest offerings.

Some of the cool things companies had on show were breakdowns of what goes into the camera. Canon had examples of how their different technologies worked. 

The show is also a place for smaller companies to show their innovations and latest offerings too. The Swedish bag company Thule were showing off their latest camera bags which looked very cool. The team at Three Legged Thing were incredibly friendly and helpful. They provide some of the most innovative and versatile tripods around; also any product called Brian gets thumbs up from me. The Disabled Photography Society had a lot of vintage lenses and cameras for sale, which if you have read this blog before, you will know took my interest

Around the show there was lots of things going on for you to point your camera at. The show offered several talks for an extra price including talks by Rankin, John McMurtrie and Joe McNally. The show also had lots of shows and presentations taking place around the show. There was a garden set up with lots of different plants and flowers for people to take photos of. There was also a live stage set up where photographers were giving talks on how to improve; when I went past had an interesting set of models. Canon had a slow-mo booth where they were doing very silly stuff in front of their latest cine-cameras.

These large shows tend to be places where freebies come as second nature. Smaller vendors tended to give more things out, although little packs of sweets were a big thing. Best freebie though is probably the Sd Card holder from Panasonic 

The Photography show was a very good event, it’s a place where you can see everything that is coming out in the next year and you can get a bevy of information about how to improve and evolve as a photographer. As this is the first Photography Show, the event can only get bigger and better next year.