Birmingham Nature Centre / by John Winfield

About a month ago I started thinking about places to take some new photos. I have always enjoyed zoo’s and thought that it would be a great place to take some photos.  I was in London and had my camera so thought, hey lets go to the zoo and take some photographs. The problem that faced me however is that going to a zoo in February means that all the animals preferred sitting indoors under the heaters than getting in front my camera. 

So after not really getting many good shots at London Zoo I started to look for places that were a bit nearer so when it was a nice enough day I could go with little trouble. Having searched Zoo’s in the midlands I came across a place I hadn’t heard nor been to before, Birmingham Nature Centre. The Centre is not as big of an establishment as London Zoo or anything but I looked at their list of animals and thought I would give it a go. 

The Zoo is just down the road from Edgbaston Cricket Ground at the corner of Cannon Hill Park. It being at the edge of the park its close to a main road, this makes it quite surreal seeing the ostrich like Greater Rhea poking its head over a wall looking at traffic. The zoo is going through lots of upgrades and new exhibits ready for the busy summer it will likely have.  Having never heard anything about this place I was thinking it was going to be a kind of glorified petting zoo but the range of animals was very good especially for a quarter of the price of London zoo. 

I managed to take quite a few great shots here, I have even added a new gallery to my website dedicated to nature and animals; found here. The Birmingham Nature Centre was quite a find in my opinion and I will more than likely go again when it warms up even more. If you get the chance to go, take it.


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