Ilford Lab Direct / by John Winfield

Hey just a short post today

Getting your photos processed is quite an exciting thing to do; you wonder whether you caught the moment, caught the light or hit that sweet spot. Getting your prints is something that I really enjoy. I think it may be something that Ilford Print Labs has picked up on. Usually when you get your prints they come in a cheap paper sleeve with the negatives stuck in a little pouch in the front. Now don’t get me wrong getting photos like this is still as exciting but Ilford has taken it to the next level. 


When this box came wrapped up through my door I didn’t really know what it was, I was expecting some photo’s but didn’t think they would come in such a well presented box.

The photos come in a hard cardboard case with sections for photos negatives and cd. It also has a section on its spine where you can write the contents. This packaging is something special, it makes whatever is inside feel of some worth. The quality of the photos inside is outstanding; I have had some medium format photos from Ilford before. They are an amazing black and white development lab. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get some black and white prints done. I have used the UK print lab but for anyone in the US they also have a lab in California, which can be found here